“Teen Wolf” fans and followers should be prepared for plenty of action that would sure to leave viewers at the edge of their seats, reports Enstarz.

Based on the 1985 film starring Michael J. Fox, and also of the same title, “Teen Wolf” as a series was renewed for a fifth season of 20 episodes in June 2014. It is set to premiere in June 2015.

Ready to film again

Since the series is just several months away from airing on TV, the actors of the widely-followed supernatural drama are now preparing to start filming again.

“Teen Wolf” has been very high on action scenes which endear it to fans and there will be more of the same kind during the fifth season.

Actor Linden Ashbey who plays Sheriff Stilinski says that he does not have a sword in the TV series but he knows that there will be a ton of action in it. The sheriff is also not planning on using the katana of Kira Yukimura, played by Arden Cho, but he says that he is ready to get back on the set and can hardly wait for the filming to start.

Plot and spoiler

The story of the mother of Malia Tate, played by Shelley Hennig, the Desert Wolf, will be one of the main intrigues in Season 5 as well as the mystery surrounding Deputy Jordan Parrish and what kind of supernatural being he is.

Season 5 shall kick off with the episode titled “Creatures of the Night” where vampires and werewolves will be featured as denizens of the night.

The season premiere will focus on Derek Hale’s, played by Tyler Hoechlin, newfound power and the growing role of Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, as the True Alpha.

While the main storyline has yet to be announced for “Teen Wolf” Season 5, the producers and actors of the series promise to give viewers the excitement and the satisfaction they deserve in terms of suspense entertainment.

Other members of the cast of “Teen Wolf” Season 5 include Dylan O’Brien as Stiles Stilinski, Holland Roden as Lydia Martin, and Dylan Sprayberry as Liam Dunbar.

Writer Jeff Davis also disclosed that scripts are now rolling in pretty nicely for the fifth season of “Teen Wolf” but he does not want to share so many details lest fans get too much spoilers. But he hinted however that this season would have more complex mythology.
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Fresh from his time lapse masterpiece Boyhood, Richard Linklater is casting for That’s What I’m Talking About, the baseball-themed film he’ll make next. I’m told he has offered the three leads to these actors: Glee’s Blake Jenner, Teen Wolf’s Tyler Hoechlin, and 22 Jump Street’s Wyatt Russell. They’ve each got an offer to play one of the lead baseball players.

The film is said to be very much in tone similar to Linklater’s stoner classic Dazed And Confused, which launched a ton of talent that included future Oscar winners Ben Affleck and Matthew McConaughey. This one is set in 1980, and a college freshman moves into the baseball house at his college and experiences a fraternity like lifestyle with his hard partying teammates.



Tyler Hoechlin Network would like to wish Tyler a very happy 27th birthday!




I have added captures of the season 4A finale to our gallery.

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Television Productions > “Teen Wolf” (2011 – ?) > Season 4 > Episode Screencaptures > 4.12 Smoke and Mirrors


Screencaptures from this week’s Teen Wolf have been added to the gallery.

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Television Productions > “Teen Wolf” (2011 – ?) > Season 4 > Episode Screencaptures > 4.11 A Promise to the Dead


Teen Wolf’s Derek Hale has a new love interest, and one dangerous fighting partner.

The ailing werewolf teamed up with the talented, albeit a tad mysterious, Braeden (Meagan Tandy) as his powers started to fade, and the supernatural mercenary has yet to let the team down. Despite her loyalty, Braeden entered season 4 as very much the stranger.

First appearing in season 3A, Braden was believed dead until she resurfaced in 3B. At the start of season 4, Braeden’s character saved Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) – yet again – and it is for these reasons that Tandy believes Derek was so quick to trust the outsider.

“Derek knows she saved Isaac, as well as Derek himself and Peter,” Tandy explained to My Fanbase. “There were plenty of opportunities for Braeden to show she had different motives but that never happened. She just came in, did her job, and left. I think Derek could sense that her actions were genuine.”

Unlike Derek’s previous relationships, it looks as if finally made a smart choice. Find out what Braeden and Derek will get up too next when the Teen Wolf season finale airs Monday at 10 p.m. ET on MTV


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